A sustainable learning journey with built in follow up tasks
Full support and plentiful resources for Sales Managers
Digital Field Visits using secure Little Bird technology
Blended learning for every team's needs
Flexible content designed specifically for you
FREE webinars from industry leaders included in your membership
FREE 'Ask an Expert' service included in your membership
Recruit, retain and develop staff with the Access Diploma
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The Life Science Access Academy is the brainchild of Nigel Robbins & Ian Chamberlain.


Founder Sales Director of Wellards, has provided blended (digital, webinar and live training) learning to over 30,000 UK Life Sciences sales professionals across 1000 Lifescience companies. He specialises in bespoke, cost effective training solutions that become the gold standard in the industry.


The global expert on customer access for the Life Science sector, having trained thousands of sales people from over 60 major Life Science companies across 50+ countries. He is also hired by various doctors’ groups and the NHS in the UK to help them get better and more relevant access to suppliers.

Welcome to the Lifescience Access Academy

LSAA is a membership community for all customer-facing staff from across the Life Science Industries including: clinical and financial sales teams, medics and support teams.

It provides blended learning on all aspects of better customer access and engagement.

Its aims are to enhance the dialogue between the industry and healthcare professionals and deliver better care for patients.

Customer facing staff will be able to become certified in Access Skills through a CPPD points based accredited Diploma, helping you recruit, retain and develop your people.

The implementation of these skills can be observed and supported through the innovative ‘digital field visit’ using Little Bird Medical technology.

Medical Devices

Medical Products
Capital Equipment


Content from the leading experts on customer access


Options to suit your needs, time and budget


Digital, webinar and live training


Bespoke work created for your teams’ precise challenges


Feedback and advice with industry comparators


Training needs analysis reports and recommendations


Digital field visits from our expert team


Less time off the road, more time in front of customers

Cost Effective

Solutions for all budgets, all geographies and experience levels

  1. Access to “no see” customers – Open the door strategies
  2. Sequential access and repeat access – Keep the door open strategies
  1. Email best practice – making emails work for you
  2. Spec calling best practice – reduce wasted spec calling days
  3. Leave your details - how to boost the chances they do call you back
  4. Getting past a gatekeeper - How to get past switchboard or reception
  5. Getting the most from your manager and field visits
  1. Account analysis – who to access, in what order and in what way?
  2. Access planning, record keeping, metrics and time management
  1. Coaching access one-to-one on a field visit
  2. Developing an Access Champion
  3. 12 Exercises to run at a regional sales meeting
  4. Access warning signs
  5. Metrics and trackers
  6. Making access fun
  7. Tools and Resources available
  8. Dealing with the 3 most common problems
  1. Maximising lunch meetings
  2. Networking – building an effective network of contacts and advocates to drive access
  3. Exhibitions, Congresses and stand meetings. Driving quality call backs and sales leads from this type of meeting.
  4. Contacting non-core customers (reaching out beyond the comfort zone)
  5. Access to launch a product
  6. Access to aid consistent and correct implementation of a formulary
  7. Access to troubleshoot bottlenecks in the patient-journey
  1. Clinical Papers: Reading and understanding clinical papers; how to commercialise a clinical paper; using clinical papers to gain access
  2. Commercial Sales Situations: Setting up meetings to talk budgets, savings and a business proposition  (instead of “email me your figures and savings”)
  3. And many many more!

Customer facing staff will be able to become certified in Access Skills through a CPPD points based Accredited Diploma, helping you recruit, retain and develop your people.

Via the LSAA, we will be working with you to identify the Access Champions for 2020 and beyond from within your organisation.

This will provide the opportunity for the proactive “leaders of tomorrow” to become Access Champions.

Complimentary additional training interventions will be made available to this exclusive group including: a dedicated category within the Pharma Times Awards and an invitation to an exclusive Access Forum to be held at the Kings Fund in London.

A 24/7 Electronic Consultancy – ask any strategic question about the Access/Engagement and our panel of experts will answer accordingly.


For £65 per person per annum members will get free access to a suite of online content written by our industry experts (Ian and his team) on core “Access” topics.

Also included is unlimited free access to “Ask an Expert” any related question via email.

Companies will be entitled to a complimentary Webinar for each user.

Each webinar will have a post-webinar exercise or task to be completed by each participant. The results of these exercises will result in an access training needs analysis. The feedback will be collated, annotated and put into a report with insight and recommendations. This will be presented to managers (and participants when needed). Participants can be benchmarked if necessary.